Plymouth Devon Wedding - Mr and Mrs Ring

This story started about 8 weeks before the big day.  This lovely couple were very busy planning the big day on a budget.   We all know how incredibly expensive it can be!   They came across my Facebook page and decided to make contact.  Soon after we agreed to meet up and discuss.   Over a cup of coffee one evening and some entertaining chat we agreed on exactly what shots would be required.  This can sometimes be a minefield when you have many guests!  We love our family and friends dearly but its not always easy to have everyone together in one place is it?  All was well - however, one hitch.  August 19th is also my birthday!  After some very careful negotiation with Mrs Harrison (my wife) I managed to get away for the morning :-)    Another glorious sunny day at Plymouth Registry Office.   Loved how the light fell outside and the ceremony went perfectly.