Groom Shots - Devon Wedding Mike Kane

Several weeks ago Mike and Kim (soon to be Mr and Mrs Kane) found my promotional advert and asked if I could pop around to their place and discuss a "Groom Shot."   A great idea!  All so often we see lots of shots of the bride getting ready but not the groom.   We talked through a few ideas and I suggested that it might be nice to have a group shot of everyone outside, perhaps nearer the Church or nearby beauty spot.   I explained that I work for donation only while expanding my portfolio and so agreed to book the date.   No fee, asking only for a donation of your choice.  A no strings, honest and open deal sealed with a hand shake.


An early start and the boys had been up most of the night and now frantically running around the house getting ready :-)    All the same I found them very amenable.  The project had started out to be a Groom Shot but then quickly started to expand into an everyone getting ready shoot lol.   Back to my outside shot idea... wasn't to be, I think Mike's thoughts were elsewhere and wanted to keep it simple lol.  Given the confined location we took many smaller group shots being sure to capture the spirit of the morning with all concerned.  In any case, I was sure to focus on the star of the show - Mike.