Reversing The Lens On Your Photographer

I genuinely love working behind the camera.  Never been one to pose for a shot or be centre stage but have always been a bit of a people watcher and observer.  I guess those natural attributes kind of lend to photography.  My favourite photography quote is "photography teaches people to see."  I get this.   It reminds me of a question I am frequently asked which is "should I hire a photographer or videographer for my wedding?"   Should I hire both?   Well I can of course only offer my own perspective on this.  Photography has always had a very distinctive knack of freezing motion just at the right time.   That might be the "wrong time" perhaps causing embarrassment or that might be timed just "perfectly,"  capturing the true essence and feeling of a moment in time that is not easily observed in real time e.g. video.   Great pictures are made by photographers who pre empt these moments, seek them out and capture them with perfect timing.  Its not luck - although it is possible.   A video, as great as it can be, simply cant do this.   Videography and Photography should never be considered as a one or the other option as to be honest as in the right hands they both offer something incomparably different.   Inevitably when working together they find themselves competing for the same angles or opposite each other and trying to avoid including one another in their shots.   Compromise then often enters the arena.  Do you wish to compromise on your wedding photography?   Just some thoughts for the day and an insight into some of the important decisions you need to make when planning the most important day of your life.   Always feel free to contact me if this is something you would like to discuss further.  Advice is free.  :-)





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